Test and Tag

Test and Tag Services by Nambucca Technology: Ensuring Electrical Safety

At Nambucca Technology, we prioritise electrical safety through our comprehensive test and tag services. Regular testing and tagging significantly reduce the risk of electrical shocks by identifying and addressing faulty appliances and equipment. We work diligently to provide you with peace of mind when it comes to electrical safety.

Our Services:

We adhere to Australian Standard AS/NZS 3760:2010 in all our test and tag services. While our current offerings are comprehensive, we have plans to expand our services to include three-phase and RCD testing in the near future.

Our pricing is straightforward and transparent. We charge $5 per tag, along with a small call-out fee that typically ranges from $50 to $120, depending on your location. When you inquire about a job, we’ll provide you with a precise quote tailored to your needs.

Test and Tag Bundle:

Recognising the importance of regular test and tag requirements, we’ve developed a bundle that allows your office, venue, or factory to combine computer servicing with equipment testing. This comprehensive approach ensures that your workplace remains compliant and safe as well as ensuring your IT runs smoothly.

For our office clients, we offer an annual bundle deal. Factories and hospitality venues have specific intervals for test and tag requirements, which we accommodate to ensure full compliance with safety regulations.

Basic ServicePlus Service
Test and Tag device
Check and Scan device
Defrag (if needed) and update system
1 Year Subscription of Anti-Virus
Perform back-up (external drive not provided)
Microsoft 365 Business Standard 1 Year SubscriptionX
$120 per device$289 per device

Ten Tags and a Tree:

We believe in giving back to the environment as we serve our clients. For every ten tags we complete in a job, we are committed to planting one tree or making up to $5 in donations to environmental organisations. We collaborate with third-party businesses and organisations dedicated to preserving our beautiful Australian environment.