Our Story

Welcome to Nambucca Technology: Your Trusted IT Partner

Nambucca Technology may be a relatively new venture, but it boasts a rich history and a strong commitment to our community. Established in January 2018 by Caelan, we have deep roots in the Nambucca region. In July 2018, Nambucca Technology proudly acquired Computing Innovations, a respected computer store and service provider with decades of experience serving the Nambucca community. Our goal at Nambucca Technology is to carry forward the legacy of exceptional service and competitive pricing that Computing Innovations delivered to its valued customers.

Our Vision: Delivering IT Excellence

At Nambucca Technology, we share your vision for future growth and progress. We don’t just aim for solutions that are adequate for the short term; we strive for solutions that remain compatible and in step with an ever-evolving IT landscape. Rooted in our commitment to delivering proven, cutting-edge technical outcomes, Nambucca Technology offers a diverse range of professional services. Our mission is to empower businesses to maximise their competitive edge through the strategic use of technology.

Experienced Technicians, Personalised Service

When you choose Nambucca Technology, you’re choosing experienced technicians dedicated to achieving successful outcomes for your projects. We pride ourselves on offering personalised service, ensuring that every project is tailored precisely to your specifications. Our streamlined operations enable us to provide you with the most competitive prices available, without compromising on quality.

Navigating the Challenges: Adapting During COVID-19

We understand that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought unique challenges to the forefront. During this period, Caelan, our founder, continued to enhance his knowledge and expertise by attending the University of Queensland. This commitment to ongoing learning reflects our dedication to staying at the forefront of industry developments and providing you with the best solutions.

Looking to the Future

As we look ahead, Nambucca Technology remains steadfast in our support for the people and businesses of the Nambucca region. We are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and are eager to continue serving our community with excellence and innovation.

Thank you for considering Nambucca Technology as your trusted IT partner. We look forward to supporting your technological journey and contributing to the success of your business.